To bring you little a closer to Kazakhstan and it’s culture, we decided to find out what people around us know about Kazakhstan by now. So, we asked our fellow Kazakhstani friends to share the stereotypes they faced while travelling and this is what we found out. 

1. Borat

Totally made our list. It’s been years since the movie appeared in cinema and DVDs, but the impression it has made about the country is still among the travellers.

Borat is a mockumentary comedy film, a fictitious Kazakh journalist travelling through the United States recording real-life interactions with Americans.

Well, if you watch the movie you are going to laugh hard. It is hilarious and truly sad at the same time. However, if you have no idea about Kazakhstan, you might probably get the wrong image about the place. Since in the reality the movie is a big satire and all the things represented Kazakh culture is totally wrong. But as a fact it has attracted quite a lot of tourists to visit the country in those years.

Baaang! MYTH

2. -Stan countries

As frequent travellers, Kazakhstani people came across with this assumption quite a lot too.

The country indeed is obviously among -stan countries. But sometimes people tend to associate it with few neighboring countries who face the unstable political situation and think that all these countries sharing the same suffix are in the middle of the war. As quite a young country we do face some internal issues, but by now it’s all been sorted out peacefully.

Bang-bang! MYTH


3. Riding horses or camels to go to work?

The old man is taking care of camel to get ready for a change of place due to the weather. Every decent child in the age of 7 is ought to sit on the horse and be able to ride it. Man is the breadwinner of the house and preparing his fellow horse to go for some hunting. It all was true… like a 100 year ago and now it’s all just a part of our rich nomadic history and national games. Even if it’s really environmentally friendly (fresh air, wind, landscape), our local police officers won’t allow riding it all over the city.

Totally, MYTH!

4. Living in yurts (a portable house of nomads)?

The way of life and extreme weather conditions of our ancestors made them travel from one place to another. And one of our inventions was a yurt, which is a portable house. It was really handy. Easy to construct in the new place. Cool in the hot weather and warm in the cold winter. However, nowadays things have changed, people live in usual houses and apartments. But if you want to see this man-made creation you can easily found them in museums, festivals or some other specific cultural places.

Naaa, MYTH!

Astana, Kazakhstan

5. Isn’t it a part of Russia?

Spoiler alert: we got our independence 27 years ago.

Well, it’s true that more than 200 years we were under the governance of the Russian Tsarist Empire and then the Soviet Union. But since 1991, all 15 countries of well-known Soviet Union are independent countries. And since our history, customs and culture, political and economic relations are shared and interrelated, we all keep good relationships with each other.

Nope, MYTH!

Cultural stereotypes or any stereotypes as it is often comes as overgeneralized assumptions on a particular category of people. They are generalized since one person assumes that stereotype is true for each individual, which in reality might be not that close to the truth. Well, maybe sometimes these generalizations may help you to make quick decisions, while the other time may be erroneous and create prejudice. While, it’s totally natural to a human being to make such assumptions, better to not show off your knowledge to your new friend to avoid cultural misunderstanding and unpleasant first impression.

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