My dream since the very childhood was to work abroad, gain some experience, and then come back home in Kazakhstan and to implement all the knowledge I got developing my country.

After my graduation from university in Almaty, I spent one and a half year working as an Android developer. Then, I decided to upgrade my qualification, and in order to do so, I moved to Malaysia, where I enrolled in Master Course. This course in Malaysia consisted of three semesters: first and second – coursework, third – research and preparation of dissertation work. During the second semester, I was offered a part-time job. That was my first job ever in Malaysia. During the third semester, I applied for a full-time job as the Android developer, and that allowed to gather some material I used later to finish my research and complete my dissertation paper.

There are several websites in Malaysia with the help of which one can find a job: JobStreet, Monster, and etc. Some time ago I filled up the registration list on these websites and completely forgot about it. Later, I found out that someone had sent me an invitation for a job interview due to the fact that I managed to find a part-time job. I then figured out that there are several startups, which help expats and IT-specialists to find a job in Malaysia. For example, Tribehired, who called me, asked about my dream job, my experience, send me a couple of tests to accomplish and I also recorded a video of me. All this helps to understand what a job candidate looks for and what he or she really wants. It was completely free, and I strongly recommend everyone to do so. I found my second job with the help of those websites as well. Two weeks later I had my first working day in a new company.

It was not a challenge for me to find a job in Malaysia because there is a good demand for IT-specialists and software designers in this country.

My dream since the very childhood was to work abroad, gain some experience, and then come back home in Kazakhstan and to implement all the knowledge I got developing my country. My parents were positive concerning my idea of staying in Malaysia.

Kazakhstani in Malaysia
Citizens of Kazakhstan near Petronas Towers

Now, one and a half year after the completion of Master Course, I am working in another, third company. The previous company has become bankrupt and stopped its activity. All employees were dismissed. On the next day, another IT company found out about that and offered us a job via the same recruit company. This time I was more deliberate in choosing the company, I wanted to work in a startup, where I could implement my own ideas and develop the company.

First months in Malaysia, being a student, it was hard for me to get used to food, transport scheme of the city, apartments, and location in general. Yet, I was lucky enough to have an organization in my university, which helped newcomers to acclimatize. There I’ve met good guys and girls, who later became my friends because I hadn’t known anyone in Malaysia, I had had no friends, no relatives or other contacts. There is also an organization in my university dedicated to Kazakhstani students.

I like the dynamics of city and opportunities, which are opened for expats. In comparison with Malaysia, there are not so many developing IT-projects in Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, no matter what size of the company is in Malaysia, all of them have a different mindset and different thinking. My startup is working in Singapore, USA, and Indonesia. I really want to adopt their experience and implement it in my own country, I want to learn more about marketing and how they develop ideas.

Differences in culture, food, traditions – these all are Malaysia. You can easily travel to another country from here, experience cultures of completely different nations. But, even though Malaysia is so colorful and varied, Malaysians differ from one another. They are lazy to do activities as hiking or jogging, they like tasty food, and processes are very slow here.

My recommendation for students would be to look for a job or internship while being a student because if you do so, your chances to find a job after the graduation become significantly higher. If you have the internet, then it won’t be an issue for you to find some job, simply because all interviews may be done via Skype. From my experience, it is not so important for an employer where are you from, the more important thing is what sort of specialist you are, how professional you are and how you show yourself during the interview, and of course having a competitive CV is also of a big importance. But, all in all, I believe that impossible is nothing and all the obstacles are only in our minds.