Before quarantine, I didn’t set any limitations or boundaries in using Social Media. Sometimes I felt if I didn’t post anything on Instagram that means my life is not interesting and I am not doing something useful. Idk about you, but before I’ve been constantly checking Instagram by default every 30 min.
I tried doing this for 14 days, and I love it! I wanted to challenge myself how my daily routine will be changed.


I didn’t delete Instagram, and I just spent 24 min averagely every day on this platform.
Learning: “I developed a habit of saying NO to not a priority 1 to me today” – I will go back to a project or a person on another day if it’s not that urgent and I am on track with a deadline.

There’s something wrong with new experiments

I love experimenting and trying new things, and I really loved how Matt D’avella¬†says about trying new things:
“A lot of times we try experiments and challenges and we attempt to build habits only to inevitably fall back into our old patterns and routines. This is probably the most frustrating thing about trying to build a habit.”
Social Media is a distraction if you don’t really know how to use it, and by not checking it obsessively, I realized how little I need it, and how little I missed it.

56% of users shared that they were afraid of missing something important online – Social Media Week

How to start in a not aggressive way (deleting your app):

Rearrange Apps/ Folders on your phone.

I believe there are folders on our phone that we don’t usually check, maybe it’s your Calculator, Extras, or default Apps by iPhone. By rearranging Instagram to one of these Folders, I don’t tempt to open it more frequently as it’s not comfortable to me.
If you are right-handed, try to replace the App to a place where you cannot reach with one hand.
But we have a tendency of replacing these Apps with another one – News, Youtube etc – that’s also distraction! What to do then?

 Increase your distance from your phone.

We all know that it takes 15 minutes to get concentrated at work, and when you are distracted within these 15 minutes or later, you’ll have to waste another 15 minutes to get focused. That’s not healthy and productive. What I did is to increase my distance from my phone. Leaving it in another room, or put it on a shelf.

Connect personally instead

Another reason of reducing my time on Social Media is me comparing myself to others, and feeling myself so small and shitty. How Matt says, you always have that little voice in your head that compares you to others, and that can affect your #mentalhealth.
No matter where you are in your life, it’s hard not to have these thoughts and that constant scrolling only helped to support them. Stop feeding yourself with it helps the most.
There’s a healthier approach to it, connecting to people and talk to them personally or ask someone to connect you to someone physically or virtually where you can have more worth your time discussion.

But it’s ok!

But sometimes, we need that doze of being lazy, scrolling not really useful content, or watching a stupid movie on Netflix.
THAT’S OK! Sometimes we have a good day, sometimes we don’t.
It’s just being aware of what you want right now for your mental well-being and maybe by consuming 1 hour of useless content makes you feel better and relaxed, go for it! The key here is being aware of how you are acting on different occasions, and how you cope with it.
When I use it now, automatically I see the post of my friends that are safe and they are doing something, and if I see that they are having some news, I will check with them on chat.

One key learning

I developed a habit of saying NO to not a priority 1 to me today. This also applies to my work, projects I run etc. Saying NO is GOOD.
So, what do I do during the time I have?
– Audiobooks! Man, it’s one of the best things I explored last month.
– Webinars and being active in the Global Shapers Community. Attending the action-oriented, brainstorming, and networking sessions by Global Shapers from around the world, bringing the conversation further on private messages made me more connected to global changes and how I can translate them into my own projects.
– Reflecting more. One of my goals is to grow Headapreneur and I had this realization of changing the content I publish – to create content that it’s more unique, brings more challenging questions we forget or afraid to ask. Basically, the idea is to create “Stop bullshitting” content. It’s hard to align with an interviewee as they don’t feel comfortable to share, but that means to find others who will.

How social media affects your mental well-being, and what do you do not to feel controlled by it?