I believe the way I live right now is a life that is worth living. You are not actually living one life: each country, each person you talk to, each moment you experience are like a new life chapter that you are adding in your “life book”, which is amazing.

It’s like traveling through time and space: difference in cultures, the difference in understanding, the difference in mentality can expand your mind in the most amazing ways. I experienced these feelings when I first traveled to Lebanon for my university internship. After traveling, I was sure that I’m passionate about traveling. I kept in my mind that after finishing my bachelor degree, I will travel, I didn’t know where but I knew that in that place I will gain more experience both personal and professional.

At Bharti Airtel, the third largest telecom operator in the world and the first telecom operator in India with over 350 mln. subscribers.

One year later, I applied for many opportunities through AIESEC. I got accepted in many countries but India was the wildest. My parents couldn’t even believe that I am about to travel to India. No matter how heartbreaking it was for them, at the end they supported me, then after three days from graduation, I landed in India. The field of my work was totally different from what I was studying in the university, but it didn’t stop me working in the very different field where I saw my growth at that time.
I remember my first day in my company, I met Ashwin who interviewed me, and he introduced me to three of the most amazing people that I have ever met: Dabo, Bibiana, and Thomas. I can still remember what they said to me “whatever you need, whenever you need, just tell us and we will be there for you”.

Indian Company
With an international team from Russia, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Colombia

I truly believe that my experience in India gave me not only opportunities in professional career but also understanding my own values, strengths and weaknesses and the most important – friends.
I felt India was not the last milestone and I decided to apply to another company through the same organization to take the challenge further, to start another insane chapter of my “life book”. I went through everything, problems, challenge, and devastation. I only focused on one thing – the main goal.
The biggest igniting sense in India and Malaysia was crossing the line of realizing that you can never get back to your old dimensions because the mind that has been expanded by experience can never go back to its original dimensions. Being outside of your country, you are like an ambassador, and that’s huge responsibility.
Each person has to be in the right mindset. If you think that becoming an expat will let you run from something, that’s totally wrong. Maybe you can run but you can never hide. However, if you have a dream to live and work abroad, to become an expat, and you want to change yourself, you want to impact positively on society, you want to complement value to this world, this is a right time for you! If you have more than one reason, I’m sure you would never ever give up. If you decide to do something, do it until the end, stick to it until the end because you decided that. You are your choices.

Diwali, Indian Festival at Bharti Airtel

Why am I doing what I am doing? I strongly believe in changing the lives of people in a positive way not only by eliminating hunger, which is one of the most relevant facts about our world. I really want to run my business to actually help the world become a better place not only through providing the sustainable food but also quality education, reducing inequalities and simply spreading the understanding of humanity.

I support the following UN Goals: #2 – Zero Hunger, #5 – Gender Equality and #16 – Peace, Justice and strong institutions. People have to be alive to fight for their right to be equal and for justice.

– Salwa Bakr, Egypt


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