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master degree student works in malaysia

What I am grateful is to have friends that I can call my family.

MBA Students
MBA in Malaysia

One of my dreams was to study abroad. I decided to pursue my MBA in Malaysia because of not only fascinating culture, friendly people, convenient facilities but also an opportunity to be able working in this country. My MBA program required me to have an internship in the last semester. I found a company where I successfully finished my internship and got offered. Since that time, I continue working there.
Even though people think that Indonesia and Malaysia are quite the same but the mismatched between two cultures was one of the biggest challenges that I’ve faced so far. When you dig deeper into the culture, you can see many differences: something is normal for my country but it’s not appropriate for Malaysia, likewise, I found something that is common in Malaysia but it’s kind of offensive in Indonesia. I have experienced culture shocks, misunderstanding. The way I deal with it is – by asking questions to clarify many things. Maybe I look stupid but I believe it’s better to look stupid for 5 minutes rather than actually be stupid for the rest of your life.

My best part of living in Malaysia - traveling
My best part of living in Malaysia – traveling!

It’s really adventurous being an expat. I have experienced many different things that I couldn’t have them If I worked or studied in Indonesia. I believe learning is a power. You have to be ready for new knowledge and its challenges. Malaysia is like a mixture of different cultures. By studying and working here, I have learned not only Malaysian culture but also cultures of other countries. Being a student or expat in a foreign country get you exposed to different things and make you learn about other cultures which lead you to know better about yourself and many people.

What I am grateful is to have friends that I can call my family. But I came here by myself. I encourage people to work or study in a foreign country. Don’t worry about being alone because along the way you will find people who turn out to be friends of a lifetime. You will have a deep understanding of yourself and other human beings. You will grow and become wiser in seeing the world and life. 

I believe to have sustainable life by 2030, we have to focus on Goal #5, Quality Education for all. Education is an investment; its people determines the future of the nation. I strongly believe that quality education shouldn’t be expensive, it should be affordable for everyone. Whatever happens in your life, the knowledge cannot be taken by anyone.

– Millatina Urfana, Indonesia


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