Aktau is a city that did not exist on the map until 1963. Who could imagine that the pearl of Kazakhstan could be built in the desert, with deadly winds and with no access to drinking water?

In this short video about Aktau, we will know what is the largest lake in the world, how Aktau became Oil&Gas producer, and what is so famous in Aktau.

Let’s explore!

Places visited in the video:

– Caspian Sea Walk
– Cruise Excursion
– City center, Address: District 12 to District 4 – The yacht club, rent a yacht at 30$/hour
– Caves – Zhetybay, 88km away from Aktau, oil production region.
– Local market. Try Shubat (Camel milk), dairy products (balgaimak, kurt, irimshik), dried fruits and honey.

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