How did you guys come up with idea of project?

At the beginning of this year, 18 February to be exact, I joined team, whose founder is Ardak Berdibekov. is a platform of opportunities in the spheres of education, career, entrepreneurship, and art. The best grants, scholarships, and internships from all over the world are thoughtfully selected for our subscribers.
Once, on the meeting, Ardak mentioned that partners are suggesting to develop internal grants for Kazakh students in the sphere of education. Holding on to that idea, we visited universities and came up to the conclusion that in reality universities are facing some challenges with foreign students enrollment and creating partnerships with foreign universities. An increase of a number of foreign students will lead to improvement of curriculum and the education system overall, allow universities to enter to the global market and create international partnerships. Besides, it creates a cross-cultural environment.
Our findings were a little odd: about 20 000 Kazakhstani students go abroad to study every year and statistics from 2014-2016 increased in three times to about 120 000 in total and presumably the number of exchange foreign students should be the same. However, according to statistics to a present moment, we have around 14 000 foreign students.
So we started to think about the concept of the platform, having meetings with universities and foreign students to understand their needs and interests in choosing Kazakhstan a place to study to further attract other foreign students to come.

Tell us about your participation in GoViral festival. How did GoViral help in the development of your project?

We had an opportunity to present our idea on GoViral festival in the section of pitch presentation. Participants of 10 selected projects had a pitch in front of the judges and investors. Three projects-winners were funded by US$ 1000, including Study in Kazakhstan. It was a good recognition for us and it helped at the beginning of the project.

Go Viral is a three-day festival which aims at spreading innovative ideas in media, business, culture, and technology. It was held on June 15-17, 2018 at SmArt.Point coworking space in Almaty.

Are there any analogs of the platform worldwide?

There are no analogs of our platform in Kazakhstan yet but we found out similar platforms in other countries such as Malaysia and China where they attract foreign students to apply in their university. Our main goal is to create a hub to unite all KZ universities under one brand and promote education in our country. When we launched we found out that the Ministry of Education has enthusiastic goals to increase the number of exchange students and there is a big shift in supporting tourism development, digitalization, and internationalism.

Why “Study in Kazakhstan” is mainly promoted in Russian language unless you are targeting post-soviet union countries?

This year we are focusing on Russian speaking countries since the main work in the project is still going on. Meanwhile, we are working on optimizing the website and building partnerships with recruiters and universities. In the future, we are thinking to invite foreign teachers and professors to teach in our universities.

What kind of marketing channels are you using for promoting “Study in Kazakhstan“?

What is really great that there are online and offline channels of sale. Online: social networks, contextual ads, and search engine optimization, while offline: education fairs both locally and internationally and working with agents.

What are the required documents to prepare and the procedure to go through? 


Documents required before arrival:

  1. Passport;
  2. Certificate of high school and bachelor;
  3. Transcript;
  4. Certificate of English proficiency;
  5. Document of medical assurance;
  6. Confirmation of no criminal record;

*there is a chance of taking some exams like math and documents upon arrivals. (depends on the university and the course you are taking).

You may write your questions and requests to email address: